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BeWell Tutor

The search for new BeWell Tutors for the year 2023-2024 is now open!

BeWell was found in early 2020 to give some peer support for every Kylteri's wellbeing, mental health and possibilities to find one's place in the community of business students. We are now searching new voluntary BeWell Tutors to continue the work on the abovesaid themes. One of the BeWell Tutors will also be the new chairperson of BeWell. The chair and all the BeWell Tutors will get the support of the KY Office right from the beginning to the end of the term of office. We hope to get applicants from different backgrounds, genders, classes and in general people who have experienced student life from different aspects. The actual term of office is the whole year 2024, but some activities will take place already late fall 2023.

Important dates in a nutshell:

  • Application period: 15.9. at 12.00–24.9. at 23.59
  • Interviews: 25.9.–4.10.
  • Feel Good Week's event: During week 43 (the actual date becomes more accurate later)
  • Study psychologist's training: 1.11. at 15.00–16.30
  • The last event of the year: 21.11.

You can fill in the application form both in English or Finnish.

Questions? Don't hesitate to message us:

  • Salli Ahtiainen-Helanne, BeWell project coordinator and the current chairperson of BeWell, TG: @sallikatariina
  • Roosa Savola, Wellbeing responsible of the KY Executive Board and the vice chair of BeWell, TG: @roosasavola
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