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Tutors for Fall 2024

The search for new KY tutors for autumn 2024 is here 🧡💚

Application closes on 26.2. at 23:59. You can apply to be a tutor for bachelor's, master's, exchange, economics, or open uni students (previous bachelor’s tutors cannot reapply for the same position).

The names of applicants will remain anonymous to the tutor committee when they process the applications. We will contact you about the next steps via your Aalto email after the application period closes.


What do we want from the tutors?

🧡 Motivation and commitment to help new students
🧡 Completing AYY and KY tutor trainings
🧡 Active presence during the orientation week, Jäänmurtajaiset, Aalto Party & After Party, and Mursujaiset (dates below)
🧡 Staying in touch and being there for your new students also after the orientation🧡 People with diverse backgrounds and different levels of experience with KY and Aalto student community
🧡 Exchange tutors: picking up your exchangees from Helsinki Central railway station and picking up their HOAS keys before orientation

What do you get from tutoring?

💚 To form a central part of the new students' experience
💚 2 study credits*
💚 Financial compensation: bachelor’s and open uni tutors get 120€ (minus tax) and master's, exchange, and economics tutors get 200€ (minus tax) *
💚 Experience orientation again and make new friends
💚 Gain experience in leading small groups

*You get the study credits and compensation by completing the AYY and KY trainings, submitting all required assignments, and being present during the orientation week and events mentioned earlier. You can get the study credits once for bachelor’s or open uni tutoring and once for master's, exchange, or economics tutoring.

🗓️ Save the dates! Here is the preliminary timetable for tutors (changes may occur):
💚 Spring/Summer:

9.4. Tutor kick-off
11.4. Tutor Song Night
22.4.–7.5. AYY trainings
10.–11.8. Tutor trainings by KY in June (dates TBA)Tutor cottage

🧡 Autumn (presence mandatory):

23.8. Jäänmurtajaiset
26.–30.8. Orientation Week
(Date TBA) Aalto Party & Aalto After Party
5.9. Mursujaiset

❓Questions? Email the tutor coordinator Maria Saarinen:

Aalto University and KY follow strictly the Code of Conduct (CoC). All misconducts will lead to further investigations, and any tutor who is found breaking CoC will not receive study credits or financial compensation. Read more about Code of Conduct here:

More about the specific responsibilities:

Master’s tutor

Although new master’s students have studied somewhere else before, they need tutors to help them integrate into our community. Some international students need tutors to help them integrate into a foreign country and culture as well. Master’s students have larger tutor groups, and there might be more than one tutor per group because the groups are divided based on the study programmes of the arriving master’s students. Master’s tutoring requires less time than bachelor’s or exchange tutoring, and is more about peer tutoring and making new friends as master’s tutors probably meet their marsus in mutual classes.Note that even if you are a third-year student and finishing your bachelor studies this spring, you can still apply to be a master’s tutor!

Exchange tutor

Every semester over a hundred foreign students arrive on exchange to Aalto BIZ, and they need help and guidance. Activities for exchange students tend to be eventful, and through exchange tutoring you will get the opportunity to see Finland from the perspective of an exchange student, which is very eye-opening and amazing. Exchange tutors meet up with the arriving exchange students at the Helsinki central railway station when they arrive and help them with practical matters and with the integration into a foreign country and culture. Exchange tutors are encouraged to continue tutoring in January when Aalto BIZ welcomes new exchange students again.

Bachelor’s tutor

Tutor is the first contact for new mursus when they start studying and living a student life. Tutor is a guide and inspiration for mursus, and the task is both challenging and rewarding. Surely everyone remembers their own tutor and first days at Aalto BIZ - why not do the same for the new students and experience it all again from a tutor's perspective?

Open Uni tutor

Open Uni tutors are mainly the same as bachelor’s tutors, but they have a large group of Open Uni mursus that they tutor together. Open Uni mursus have carried out their first-year studies at open university, and they have received their student place based on their study success. Requirements for Open Uni tutor are the same as for bachelor’s tutor, though knowledge and experience of open university is an advantage!

Economics tutor

Economics’ tutors have the important job of supporting the new Economics mursus with the program as well as integrating them into the BIZ community. There might be international students among these mursus and hence tutoring will be done in English. All the Economics’ tutors are Bachelor’s tutors and will have the same trainings as others as well as AYY’s training for international tutors. We are primarily looking for applicants from the Economics line or with economics as their major.

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