Representative Council Elections 2023


28.8. – 2.10.
Election campaign period
2.10. – 8.11.
1.11. – 8.11.

What is KY's Representative Council?

KY's Representative Council (Edustajisto in Finnish, ”RepCo” or “Edari” for short) is the highest decision-making body at KY, and it is elected every two years. RepCo consists of 21 members and up to 200 vice members. This November, we hold elections to elect RepCo for 2024-2025. RepCo, for example:

  1. Elects the Former of the Board and approves the KY Executive Board;

  2. Approves budgets, strategies and other “larger” official documents to decide where KY should be taken in the future;

  3. Oversees the work of the Board and;

  4. Has fun together, e.g. RepCo Pre-christmas party or RepCo-skumppa at Wappu

You do not need any prior experience to work in RepCo. It is in itself a great way to learn about KY and get to know other KY students. Every KY Member is eligible to run for RepCo, and only one vote is needed to have a chance at becoming a vice-member. A variety of backgrounds, experiences and academic age is nothing but an advantage for KY, in order to steer KY in the direction its members want it to go.

AYY also has a Representative Council, and they’re holding their own elections at the same time. Make sure to vote (and run!) in both.

You can find more information about AYY’s RepCo here.

AYY organizes their Representative Council elections at the same time with KY!

Read more about them here! You can run in both elections or just in either one.

AYY Elections work in much the same way - the major difference being electoral alliances (vaaliliitto). Each electoral alliance gets a number of seats based on the number of votes the alliance's candidates get.

Run in the AYY-elections here!

Business students have generally been part of Kylterirengas, and we highly recommend business students to run as Kylterirengas candidates in these elections too. This helps business students have their voices heard in AYY decision-making.

To run as a member of Kylterirengas, you also need to inform the chair of KyRe, Mikael Blinnikka, to be added to the alliance list. You can do so through this form: Link

Central Elections Committee

Kim Jokinen
Chair of the Central Elections Committee
Meeri Korpi
Vice chair of the Central Elections Committee