Bachelor's Degree

Studying in a university offers great freedom, but in addition brings responsibilities. At this page, you can find information about the basics of studying in Aalto BIZ and the requirements of Bachelor’s degree studies. More study-related information is available at Aalto University’s Into webpage.

Structure of the degree

Your university-level business studies will begin with the Bachelor’s degree. The degree consists of 180 ECTS, which is equivalent to three years of studying. This includes common core and methodological studies, specialisation and minor studies, language studies, elective studies, and ultimately, Bachelor's thesis. The official language of the program is Finnish, but many courses are taught in English. You can find more information about the degree requirements here.

The first year will primarily consist of common core studies, which are the same to all business students. At the end of the first year of studies, you will be asked to pick an area for your major studies from seven options: Accounting, Information & Service Management (ISM), Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing and Business Law. This area of specialization will make up approximately one third of your Bachelor studies and define the area on which you will write your Bachelor’s thesis.

In addition to courses in the School of Business, you can also take courses from the faculties in the fields of science, art and design, or even study abroad by going on exchange! You can include these studies as either your minor or elective studies. In addition to Aalto’s variety, you can include studies from other universities as a part of your degree. Read more about flexible studies right here.


Bachelor studies in the International Business Bachelor program in Mikkeli campus differs in curriculum and content from the studies on the main campus. Besides Into, you can find more information about studies in Mikkeli on Probba’s website.

Master's Degree

The two-year Master’s Degree is worth 120 ECTS and it comprises advanced specialisation studies, minor and elective studies, and the pro gradu thesis. Many choose to deepen their knowledge in their Bachelor’s specialisation area, but it is not uncommon to switch to something entirely different, since there are many more options available. In addition to Aalto BIZ Master’s programmes, there are also interdisciplinary Aalto programmes to choose from. The official language of the programs is English, except in Corporate Law which is taught in Finnish. Learn more about different options here.

A student who wants to gain international experience, can complete international exchange as a minor also during their Master’s studies. Pro Gradu, in turn, follows the same principles of academic writing as the Bachelor’s thesis, but it is notably broader and can be done in cooperation with a company.

All Bachelor’s degree students are directly admitted to study the Master’s degree in Aalto BIZ. However, if you have completed your Bachelor’s degree in another university or university of applied sciences, you can apply to study in Aalto BIZ Master’s programmes.

Planning your studies

Minors (Into)
Studies at other Aalto schools or in Finnish universities (Into)
Exchange studies (Into)
School of Business studies and programmes (

Bachelor’s programmes
Kauppatieteet (Into)
Economics (Into)
International business (Into)

Master’s programmes
Information on master's degree programmes (
More information on master programmes (Into)

Remember to do these!

- Remember to register for attendance on time! The annual enrolment for academic year 2022-2023 begins on 2 May 2022 and ends on 2 September 2022. More information of the annual enrolment can be found e.g. on Aalto’s Into-website.

- Remember to pay the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) fee to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland), if you are a degree student who has registered for attendance (since the reform in 2021).



Learning Center Resource Guides provides links regarding resource guides, support for studies and research, information resource guides and services.

Into Writing Clinic provides help for academic writing for most Aalto University degree students. Information on how to get individual writing tutoring and consultation.

Aalto Sana: Academic Writing in English provides help with academic writing in English. Covers topics such as cohesion, grammar, punctuation and style.

Software and hardware

Aalto Free Software for Home Computers provides links and guides to downloading a large number of software provided to students for free, ranging from text editors and antivirus software to statistics tools and Powerpoint Add-ons (Check out all three links!)

Aalto Takeout is where members of Aalto University have free access to a wide variety of equipment from audiovisual production gear to scientific measuring devices. Get your hands to anything from VR glasses and high-end cameras to smoke machines and particle velocity meters for your school project.

Data and research

Learning Center eData provides links for a large number of database resources for Aalto students. Economic Sciences -resources include multiple sources for business news, company and market information, among others.

Learning Center eData: Business News provides access to multiple news sources, including Helsingin Sanomat, Financial Times and Kauppalehti.

Databases at Aalto Department of Finance provides information on available databases and useful tips and guides on how to use them.

Learning Center Business Guide provides resources, tips and useful links for economics and business. Contains guides and links on searching journal articles, business news resources, research methods and much more.

Aalto-Primo is an online tool for searching Learning Center’s full collections (both print and electronic), including books, articles, journals, images , manuscripts, dvd and more.

Learning Center eData: Business Dictionaries (in Finnish) provides links for general dictionaries as well as discipline-specific technical dictionaries.

Learning Center Aaltodoc is a place where you can search and find all text materials produced in Aalto University, including theses, journal articles, doctoral dissertations, study materials and more.

Scopus is a third-party database for journal articles.