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Rules and instructions for


Metallimiehenkuja 6, 02150 Espoo

Notice of liability

By using KY's premises, the user responsible for the reservation agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and guidelines described on this page.

Operating against or failing to comply with these rules, regulations and guidelines will result in sanctions at the discretion of the KY Executive Director, ranging from monetary penalties (50–300€, excl. potential damages) to the ban from using KY's premises.

Failure to read through the rules, regulations and guidelines does not exempt the user of possible sanctions.

Premises' specifications

  • The total indoor area of MMK is approximately 395 m2

  • The premises consist of the main party space with small stage, a cloakroom, three separate bathrooms, a storage room, a separate room with a mixer and speakers ("seaside") and a small kitchen.

  • All spaces are not fully accessible with a wheelchair, but are on the same floor.

  • Capacity and furniture:

    • 150 people allowed simultaneously at the premises

    • 80 sets of tableware

    • 14 wooden chairs

    • 75 black folding chairs

    • 14 tables measuring 180x80cm

  • Kitchen equipment:

    • A basic stove

    • Two industrial refrigerators and a regular, large fridge

    • A small dishwasher

    • A microwave and maybe a coffee machine

  • Showtech equipment:

    • A fixed, low stage

    • A speaker system

    • No microphones, so bring your own if you need them

    • Party lights with no central controller

Rules & regulations

The leasee is responsible for...

  • ...carefully checking the premises upon arrival

  • ...filling and submitting the checklist accordingly

  • ...reporting deficiencies and damages by email to service@ky.fi

  • ...observing the operating time (premises empty and cleaned up by 01:00)

  • ...filling out the extended time form if they wish to extend their reservation to end later than 01:00

  • ...requesting the programming of electronically locked doors during the service hours from the service advisors at the KY Office if they wish the doors to be unlocked for any time period during the reservation

  • ...operating lawfully and according to KY's Code of Conduct as well as good manners

  • ...keeping the noise level reasonable throughout the reservation

  • ...using the equipment, fittings, fixed structures and furniture carefully, ensuring their good condition at the end of their reservation

It is forbidden to...

  • ...sell alcoholic beverages

  • ...smoke indoors

  • ...jam the doors open with e.g. chairs, bricks or pieces of wood

  • ...use silk paper, duct tape, packing tape, zipties or confetti in decorations

  • ...light fires or candles indoors or outdoors close to the walls

  • ...use the hazer/smoke machine indoors

  • ...turn off the refridgerators

  • ...make your own changes to the connections of the fixed electronic systems


  • Electronically managed doors require a passcode along with the electronical key every day after 17 o'clock. The passcode is provided along with the keys by service advisors.

  • Remember to pick up the key for the waste disposal bins from Espilä before your reservation

  • Be mindful of the fixed showtech equipment when attaching decorations to e.g. the ceiling to avoid damaging the equipment, risking injury or posing a fire hazard. The equipment is heavy and gets warm, so attaching decorations or covering them is forbidden.

  • In case someone throws up at the premises during the reservation, clean it up yourselves with sprayable cleaner, towels and deodorizer from the cleaning cupboard next to the cloakroom. Additionally, notify the KY Office at service@ky.fi for disinfection.

  • Ensure that the maintenance areas and fire safety passages remain clear at all times

  • If something is damaged during your reservation, notify the KY Office without unreasonable delay at service@ky.fi. In case of a more serious damage to the property (e.g. a broken window or water damage), contact the maintenance company ISS at +358 20 015 500 immediately and notify the KY Office of the situation at service@ky.fi.

  • In case of a risk of injury to people or more serious emergencies, such as fires, call 112.

After the event

  • Clean up trash and tidy up the premises' general appearance

  • Dispose of trash, cans and bottles appropriately, recycling everything possible according to the instructions below

  • Wash dirty dishes, dry them and return them to their storage

  • Lay chairs and tables neatly back to their storage

  • Take broken chairs and tables to the room next to the cloakroom

  • Take all your own equipment, food & drinks, decorations and other stuff with you (including all lost-and-founds that belong at Espilä in the lobby behind TuoMela)

  • Tidy up the table & chair storage according to the instructions below

  • Turn off all lights, including the party lights

  • Ensure that all doors are locked when you leave

  • Return keys to the return box at the front door of Espilä

Audio, DJ table & party lights


  • MMK has a stationary PA-system connected to a mixer on the stage, including a set of both powered speakers and passive subwoofers as well as a PC to play audio from.

  • There are some power and signal cables beside the table on the floor & in a bag to assist you in coneecting & powering up your own stuff.

  • Powering up everything:

    1. Mixer (third image below)

      • Toggle the power switch in the back of the mixer

      • Next to the mixer's power switch is a similar switch for the phantom power, but that does not have to be switched on for the mixer to work

    2. Speakers (fourth image below)

      • Toggle the power switch in the back of both speakers

    3. Digital signal processor (DSP) and subwoofer amplifier (fifth image below)

      • First, toggle the power switch in the front of the DSP (on the top), after which toggle the power switch on the amplifier (on the bottom)

  • Playing sound from the PC:

    • Make sure the PC has its sound output defined to Behringer USB Mixer or something like that

    • Refer to the Letting sound through to the speakers -section below

  • Letting sound through to the speakers:

    • Make sure the volume slider has been moved up for the device you want to hear (e.g. the microphone or instruments, the PC does not have one)

    • Move the MAIN MIX volume sliders up on the (second image below)

  • After your reservation:

    • Move all volume sliders on the mixer down to zero

    • Turn off the amplifier by toggling the switch in the front of the amplifier (image 5, bottom)

    • Turn off the DSP by toggling the switch in the front of the DSP (image 5, top)

    • Turn off the speakers by toggling the switch in the back of both speakers (image 4)

    • Turn off the mixer by toggling the switch in the back of the mixer (image 3)

DJ table

  • MMK has DJ table for DJ stuff

  • The DJ table has a 3-socket power cord for all of your electricity needs

  • If you want to move the table, be sure to unplug the power cord at the side first

Party lights

  • MMK has a set of fairly random party lights attached to the ceiling

  • The lights are powered individually by plugging them into outlets in the ceiling

  • The lights are controlled individually at the control panel of each light

  • The lights have all kinds of effects, ranging from solid, colored light to an automatic mode that responds to music and everything in between

  • Unplug all lights after your reservation


Table & chair storage

  • The storage is located in the main party space, along the long wall facing northwest

  • The user is responsible for...

    • ...keeping the storage space in order (see photos below)

    • ...handling the equipment carefully

    • ...reporting any missing or broken equipment to the Administrative Coordinator (KY Office contact info)

  • Contents:

    • 14 wooden chairs

    • 75 black folding chairs

    • 14 tables measuring 180x80cm

Waste disposal

  • Remember to pick up the key for the waste disposal bins from Espilä before your reservation

  • The user is responsible for...

    • ...ensuring adequate facilities for recycling by providing separate containers for at least cans and bottles, metals, biodegradables, cardboard, paper, plastics and burnable waste

    • ...disposing of the produced waste and recyclable material themselves to the appointed recycling facility

  • The waste disposal and recycling bins for Metallimiehenkuja are located approximately 150 meters from the front door of MMK towards the Olarin Panimo in front of the bar terrace (see aerial image below)

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