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Annual Ball Committee Chair

KY is turning 113 next year and now it is time to bring KY together to celebrate this magnificent number in KY's Annual Ball that will happen in March 2024!

But there is no party without the people behind it! Being a part of organising KY's 113th celebrations is a perfect opportunity to leave a mark on KY's history and WE WANT YOU to be a part of this - the most extravagant event of the KY year 💚

Being a Chairperson of the Committee is a perfect chance to learn about event organizing and leadership, as you get to be a part of coordinating one of the largest and most prestigious events of KY! We will provide you with all the tools in order to succeed and bring your ideas to life. Prior expertise in event organizing of this scale is not mandatory. It is more important that you are motivated to take part in planning how the KY celebrates its 113-year-old journey.

The application period for the chairperson candidates starts on Wednesday, 13th of September and ends on 24th of September. The committee members’ application period starts on 13th of September and continues until 11th of October. Notice that the application period for the Annual Ball Chairperson is shorter than the Annual Ball committee application period!

Read more about the role:

"One of the most memorable moments for me was walking into the KY112 venue when it was filled with tables for the first time, and actually seeing how many seats there were. It was only topped by seeing the event itself panning out and all the hundreds of people enjoying themselves thanks to our efforts. In the end the evening was definitely worth the hassle and – let’s be frank here –some gut-wrenching stress. Of all the events I’ve both attended and organized, KY 112th Annual Ball was certainly the most rewarding and memorable.

Recruiting, forming and, most of all, leading the Annual Ball Committee is an amazing opportunity that has so much to offer to its Chair. As the Chair you take in quite a bit of responsibility. After selecting your committee, you must take charge of the committee meetings, overall schedule for the Annual Ball and making sure that everything gets done in time for the d-day.

One of the most important responsibilities is taking care of the budget, which you will put together with the Culture Producer. You also need to allocate said budget between different categories (decorations, catering, tech etc.) and make sure that the committee is aware of the budget limitations. So, if someone suggests a stage full of flamethrowers or something of the similar caliber, the answer – unfortunately – must be no.

Making the decision to apply and to take on this massive and exciting responsibility was made easier by the fact that you are never truly alone in this. You of course have your committee to support you, but also a handful of hard workers from the KY office, who have themselves arranged a large event or two. If the role of chairperson doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, I warmly encourage you to consider other committee roles instead! That is what I originally did: I was responsible for program for KY’s 111th Annual Ball Committee and next year decided to apply once again, this time for the role of chairperson. However, there is no reason why someone without previous experience with organizing a KY Annual Ball couldn’t excel at this role.

Overall, being a part of the Annual Ball Committee, be it as the chair or not, is an invaluable experience that gives you the chance to organize one of KY’s largest and most prestigious events. It’s also a bit lighter take on volunteering at KY as it lasts only for about five months, instead of the typical year. But I’d argue that in those five months you can make life-long friends and unforgettable memories. I know I have."

Jatta Saari
Chair of the Annual Ball Committee, KY112

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