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Annual Ball Committee Member

KY is turning 113 next year and now it is time to bring KY together to celebrate this magnificent number in March next year!

But there is no party without people behind it! Being a part of organising KY's 113th celebrations is a perfect opportunity to leave a mark on KY's history and WE WANT YOU to be a part of this - the most extravagant event of the KY year 💚

The application period for the chairperson candidates starts on Wednesday, 13th of September and ends on 24th of September. The committee members’ application period starts on 13th of September and continues until 11th of October. Notice that the application period for the Annual Ball Chairperson is shorter and you can apply to be a Chairperson via different forms: Chairperson Application Form

Read about experiences of previous Annual Ball committee members below!

Art Director

"After attending KY’s 111th Annual Ball, I fell in love with how beautiful the event looked and how well it was organized. Right then I became interested in VJTK. Having some volunteer AD experience under my belt, I decided to give it a shot and apply to be the Art Director of KY112. And so it happened to be one of the best decisions I’ve made during my years at KY. The position gave me so much new experience in graphic design as well as general event organization and coordination. It was amazing to see my creativity come to life in the form of overall badges, shot glasses, and invitations! Above all, however, were the amazing people I got to know along the way. Our VJTK was full of fun, kind, helpful, and determined people. I made so many great memories with them, from our Kämppäapprot and song night proggis to all the struggles we faced during the organization. Seeing the event come together during the night of KY112, I couldn’t have asked for better people to share it with! I can’t recommend VJTK enough - if you’re even a tad fascinated, go for it!"

Fanni Jurvanen
AD, KY112


"My responsibility in the Annual Ball Committee was Catering, meaning I was responsible for making sure all guests received a tasty three-course dinner suited for the elegance of the Annual Ball. My tasks included planning the dinner with the restaurant and taking care of special diets and other requirements of the guests. I was also responsible for organizing the Formal dressing and smooth party behaviour course to kick off the Annual Ball week.

I would very much recommend applying to the Annual Ball Committee since it is a great pleasure to plan and host the most wonderful KY event of the year together with your lovely committee members."

Ronja Kouvo
Catering & Vice Chair, KY111


"Organising KY112 was truly one of the highlights of my KY years. My interest towards the Annual Ball Committee was originally awoken at KY111 where I had the possibility to see a small glimpse of the organising process in my role as a song lead.

As the communications responsible your role is to keep KY informed about the practicalities of the event as well as create excitement and hype around the KY week. Essentially, communications allow you to add your own vision and personal touch to the Annual Ball and the way it is presented to guests. The role of communications has a lot of possibilities and room for improvement!

For me the best part (on top of being part of the amazing committee) was to try out how different channels of communication work together and support one another. For KY 112 we decided to expand to new channels such as our own Instagram account, Telegram channel and KY’s TikTok.

I would highly recommend applying to the Annual Ball Committee as it is great fun and a unique opportunity to create something for the whole KY community."

Sanni Lappalainen
Communications, KY112

Corporate Relations

"As the corporate relations responsible I was in charge of acquiring sponsors for the actual event as well as for the contents of the goodie bag that is given to every guest at the end of the ball. The position is mainly calling and sending emails to possible sponsors, negotiating and organising the goodie bags as well as making sure that the promises made to the sponsors are honoured during the event.

It is a very rewarding position, as you can see all your hard work come together during the ball. Hearing people compliment something that I had acquired for the goodie bag was awesome! You also have a lot of decision making power regarding sponsors: the sky's the limit, so you can get very creative with who and what you want to be a part of the annual ball. 

What I liked the most about being responsible for the corporate relations was gathering sponsors for the goodie bag and the freedom I had while doing it. I was everywhere; on Google, on LinkedIn, on “What’s new” sections of stores’ websites, asking friends/family and looking at bus stop commercials. It was fun to see what all I could scavenge for the bag and getting results was very fulfilling. 

I would very much recommend this position for everyone; you have responsibility but freedom to do as you please, you have clear goals but there’s also lots of leeway for creativity. I had a lot of fun, and being a part of the Annual Ball Committee is something that I will always remember with warmth!"

Jatta Lappi
Corporate Relations Responsible, KY111


"I first went to KY’s Annual Ball in 2019, and I was instantly impressed by the event. When I got the chance the following autumn, I knew I wanted to apply to be a part of the team that would give someone else the experience of their first Annual Ball. I was so glad when I got chosen and the whole process of making the Annual Ball happen was interesting and amazing to be a part of.

My role in the committee was to be responsible for the event’s decorations. The celebrations for the KY 109th Annual Ball were held at Tapahtumatalo Bank and my job was to make sure the venue looked beautiful and coherent with our theme. I worked closely together with our AD, who designed the logo and colour scheme for the celebrations and tried to bring those out in the decorations as well as coordinate with the venue itself. I picked out the flowers and bought and embellished the table decorations and arranged decorations in place on the date of the actual event. I was also in charge of the IT side of the event, but I had amazing help and it wasn’t at all as intimidating as I feared it would have been as someone, whose strengths are definitely somewhere else than in the IT stuff.

It was amazing seeing the decorations and the whole venue put together when the event started and people flowed into the space I had decorated and I was proud to see my work."

Emilia Silius
Decorations, KY109


"I'm Oona, the program responsible for the KY Annual Ball 2021. I recommend applying for this role if you've the drive to connect multiple parties into one beautiful evening, and got good skills in communicating and sorting out different needs of each program spectacle. In this role I learned how to connect the Annual Ball stream's music + interactive program and tech things into a smooth entirety (fortunately only a little bit of tech work, as I was mainly communicating the basic needs for a sufficient stream program-wise). The Annual Ball Committee is a fast and furious task force maximizing the luxury of Annual Ball, so don't hesitate on applying to be part of the next one!"

Oona Sunnari
Program, KY110


"My name is Asta Friman and I acted as the responsible for invitations for the Annual Ball Committee of KY110. 

In this position, you are responsible for sending the invitations to the invited guests and tracking the responses so that you know who is attending. The position requires systematic organisational skills and detail orientation so that the correct invitations find their way to the invitees. Also, proficiency in Excel is highly recommended. 

This year, however, the position was quite different due to the cancellation of the event and the creation of the Annual Ball Stream. Even though most of the Excel work was done already, the actual invitations were never. Instead, I got to participate in creating the programs for the Stream as well as many other fun tasks.

Nevertheless, I had a blast creating something brand new with an excellent team! I would definitely recommend applying!"

Asta Friman
Invitations, KY110

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