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Glass ceiling in the wallet
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Glass ceiling in the wallet
September 30, 2022

Glass ceiling in the wallet

Danske Bank

According to Danske Bank's study “*Taloudellinen mielenrauha 2021” (FI), financial peace of mind is unevenly distributed between the genders in Finland. The financial peace of mind of Finnish women is far from that of Finnish men, while in other Nordic countries the differences between the genders are small. In Finland, women's financial peace of mind is weaker than men's in almost all areas, but women are especially worried about having enough money and accumulating pensions.

The glass ceiling in the wallet leads to everyday inequality and injustice, but economic inequality is also a big social problem.

At Danske Bank, we believe that all Finns - both women and men - have the right to financial peace of mind. Money or wealth does not automatically bring happiness, but it does bring financial peace of mind and independence. We want to encourage women to take responsibility for their own financial peace of mind. In everyday life, confidence in one's finances can be increased in many ways. In addition to knowing your own and your family's finances, a good way is to prepare for future expenses by saving and investing.

Watch the video* in which Kosti Hyyppä, Finland's special expert on economics, and Kaisa Kivipelto, Danske Bank's senior strategist, break glass ceilings in the interview lead by Sami Kuronen.

*The following content is in Finnish.

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