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Master of robots – Inspiring story of Dmitriy
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Master of robots – Inspiring story of Dmitriy
September 29, 2022

Master of robots – Inspiring story of Dmitriy

Danske Bank

Originally from Kazakhstan, with qualifications in German linguistics, Dmitriy had made a career for himself in retail and was a manager of a retail store. Inspired by his business studies, he wanted to switch career and work in finance – but had little luck. However, he was persistent and one day, managed to land an interview for a loan advisor at Danske Bank. The story starts from there.

When Danske Bank launched an intelligent automation project to automate processes using virtual robots, Dmitriy was pulled in as an internal consultant with frontline experience. Initially, he worked with the virtual robots alongside his job as loan advisor.

The robot project grew until it became impossible for him to be both an advisor and work with the robots at the same time. Today he is officially the full-time manager of six robots. Even though they only exist virtually, robots are registered with an employee number and refer to Dmitriy. They help with daily tasks, such as fetching information from one system to another, or gathering information from many different systems into one report.

“I don’t know what I want to do in the future, because I’m so happy with this job and what I’m doing. But the good thing about the bank is that there are so many different opportunities. Whatever I develop an interested in, I am sure there will be an opportunity to work with it here,” says Dimitriy.

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