KY aims to provide the best student experience around for our members. Our goal is that everyone feels welcome in our community and that our students can thrive without having to worry about concerns regarding student life. However, sometimes student life can also include struggles, whether it is with managing your time and energy in the middle of all the responsibilities, finding your group of friends or something else.

Wellbeing info


Sometimes it’s useful to see that you’re not alone with your feelings. Aalto University researches the state of study wellbeing by an annual questionnaire AllWell. Here are some figures from the 2020 year survey for Bachelor level students at Aalto BIZ. Read more about AllWell here.


BeWell, KY's new wellbeing program was created in 2019 as a response to the challenges our members face in their wellbeing.

With this program KY aims to create an open and transparent environment and make the discussion about difficult topics easier. Are you in need of help but don’t know where to get it? Scroll down to see all the wellbeing services offered for students at Aalto and KY. Or need someone to talk to? Check out our Wellbeing tutors below and feel free to contact them at any time!

Safe Environment

Besides feeling good, it is crucial that each of us feel safe and respected in our community. KY wants to provide a safe and equal environment for everyone and has created a set of rules and wishes for the type of behavior we expect in everyday KY life. Be sure to check out our Code of Conduct below.

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Uni years are often described as the best years of our lives – and no wonder why! However, alongside all the gloriousness, everyone faces struggles from time to time, whether it is due to stress at school or a big change in life.

Wellbeing tutors are here to offer peer support to you in anything you could think of: school stress, worries about finding friends, struggles with self-criticism, or anxiety, only to mention a few examples. Each of the tutors has a specialty area where they can offer the best support possible.

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Where to get help?

Sometimes you might feel like talking to someone but have no clue who to talk to or who to contact. To get help with this, please read the following claims. If you identify yourself with the claim, you will find help on the right side of the table. All the help sources, such as “Wellbeing chats” or e-learning materials, are explained below, so scroll down to find more specific information about the suggestions for help!

Wellbeing tutors

You can contact any of the tutors freely by your own chosen means of communication: email or phone (e.g. Whatsapp, telegram). Together with the tutor, you can decide which channel is the one you want to continue your discussion at.

All the discussions between you and your tutor are highly confidential, and depending on the situation, the relationship can include multiple sessions or meetings, or alternatively build upon one single discussion.


2nd year Finance

Loneliness, Alcohol and student life, Coming from another city without knowing people

+358 40 021 2300


Roosa Savola

3rd year Business law student 

Mental health, Volunteering, Self-criticism, Alcohol and student life, Moving and adapting to a new place

+358 45 262 9994


Jouko Manninen

2nd year Information and Service Management

Decision making and worrying about future, Managing stress and setting goals, Time management, Finding motivation

+358 40 061 9389


Anna Voynova

2nd year Strategic Management 

Choosing a major, Self-criticism, Anxiety over future

+358 44 219 3029


Meeri Gummerus

5th year Information and Service Management

Moving and adapting to a new place/city, Combining studies and work, Volunteering, Mental health, Combining studies and sport

+358 50 552 1936



3rd year Marketing Student 

Relationships, Friendships, Lost of close one, Supporting your close ones

+358 45 1377877


Johanna Hytönen

6th year Accounting student

Mental health, Learning disabilities, Volunteering

+358 50 522 0120


Marko Voutilainen

4th year Management and International Business student

Relationships, Friendships, Lost of close one, Supporting your close ones

+358 40 029 2116


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