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October 25, 2022



A chance to be a part of something bigger

KY has a majestical, 111-year-old culture that we pass down from generation to generation. Sharing similar memories and traditions makes us feel like a part of something bigger. Be it the Kauppalehti-hats in Mursujaiset or participating in the Wappu parade, you can see bits of KY’s history during every season. However, KY wants to always look like its members which requires new traditions and ways of doing things. This has definitely made my role of being the culture responsible both important and interesting – you truly have a chance to leave your mark on this over one hundred years old history. 

What is there to leave in the history books about 2022 then? We’ve done a complete comeback from the social distancing times which has meant a fully booked event calendar and we’ve celebrated the KY’s 111th anniversary and Wappu after two exceptional years. There have also been a few smaller changes. For example, the Cultural Committee KUVA started to serve only vegetarian food in Lauluillat. We’ve also welcomed more new students to our community than ever before (1000 new students in autumn) and improved the orientation week especially regarding new master’s students. Being “back to normal” has been a valuable chance to reconsider what are the things we want to bring back and the next year is a perfect chance to go further. Now that we have carried out the events and orientation week “normally” for the first time after COVID-19 and without the KY Building, there is a space for creativity. What’s next? You name it 😉

My daily schedule is never the same, but there are a few elements that seem to repeat almost every week. Firstly, being a part of KY board in general means that I participate in “morning schools” (where we talk about important/current topics), official meetings, and other representation duties alongside the rest of the board. Secondly, especially before the orientation week I had regular meetings with different stakeholders about our orientation program. Lastly, as a Chair of the Cultural Committee KUVA, I lead our weekly meetings and do basically everything around event organizing that is needed. In addition, I make sure that the subcommittees are doing well and support them whenever needed.  Luckily, I haven’t had to do this all alone as I have been working closely with the Culture producer Julius and Tutor coordinator Janina. Being able to ask help and brainstorm ideas is more than important in this role and makes my position wonderful. There is no boring days when working with these people 💚

Lastly, I can safely say that working almost a year on the KY board has taught me a lesson about confidence. Working with a variety of people, different teams and completing a project after another is sometimes demanding but above all rewarding. I’m grateful for myself for being curious enough to apply for the board last year as I’ve learned and experienced more than I could’ve asked.  This year has shown me the “kulttuurin parhaat puolet” (the best sides of culture) that I’ll never forget.

Aino Piipponen
Culture and New Students

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