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April 12, 2024

Wappu is coming - KY Board sends greetings to all alumni!


Trams in Otaniemi, an increasing number of members, and overalls in various colors — what a time of change! After settling into Otaniemi and navigating the challenges of the Covid years, everyday student life is finally normalizing. In 2024, KY is a thriving community of nearly 5,000 members, hosting events that range from the traditional Kuntis parties to glamorous career evenings, club nights, and sitz parties. Currently, KY rents three large spaces — Espilä, Saha, and BMK — but the search continues for new facilities to further support our community.

In 2024, the board has celebrated KY’s 113th Annual Ball, continued work on our premises, and built new connections within and beyond the Aalto community. We have renewed our partner portfolio, gathered data and member feedback through discussion forums and surveys. Additionally, we have organized a well-being seminar, focused on accessibility, and renewed KY’s recruitment process. Notably, this year, we will be welcoming a new Executive Director to KY.

There is so much more we could mention, but we would rather tell you in person — so join us for Wappu at Ullis! We'll be on the south side of Kaivopuisto, easily recognizable by the large tent and KY colors. Light snacks and drinks will also be available.

Warm spring greetings and best regards,

KY Board 2024 <3

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