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March 13, 2024

Association Coordinator & Culture Producer's blog


Edit's blog

In my role as an association coordinator, I manage a diverse set of responsibilities and tasks, ensuring the needs of various clubs and associations within KY are met. My focus is on providing the necessary resources and support for their smooth operation.

Additionally, I serve as the vice president in the Sports and Wellbeing Committee. My duties include acting as a secretary in meetings and overseeing the annual budget. This involves meticulous management of expenses and revenues, as well as handling invoices and expense claims. This experience has been instrumental in developing my proficiency with accounting software.

Being an association coordinator is a fulfilling position that allows me to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals and establish numerous connections within KY: It also provides an opportunity to enhance essential skills in leadership, communication, and organization.

One of the notable advantages of working at KY is the flexibility of working hours, which acknowledges the importance of maintaining a balance between studies and work. This flexibility has proven to be a significant relief.

I highly recommend this job to individuals who share a passion for KY and seek a distinctive working experience that harmoniously blends work and enjoyment.

If you have any questions about this role or want to know more, feel free to contact me!
TG: @editlahtinen

Jatta’s blog

Hello KY!

As the Culture Producer, my favourite aspect of my job has been the tangible way I get to help our volunteers by acting as a contact person for the subcommittees and supporting KUVA in organizing KY's traditional events, whether it's by brainstorming event details or paying the bills. Working with volunteers is also what keeps the work varied: even organizing the same event concept is not the same twice, with a different group of people coming up with different kinds of ideas.

The work of the Culture Producer is wide-ranging, but I'll try to list here the main areas you get to work with.

1. Budget of the cultural sector

As the Culture Producer is responsible for many of KY’s biggest events, such as the Annual Ball, they operate with quite a lot of money. As well as paying the bills and keeping a close eye on the budget, you get to participate in the budgeting process for the following year and thus also make value judgements - for example, last autumn we discussed the budget in relation to trying something new and dealing with the failure of new concepts.

2. Vice-chairing Cultural Committee KUVA

One of the most fun parts of the job is being involved in KUVA. The Culture Producer acts as a scribe at meetings, helps the Chair with leading the committee, takes care of operational activities such as ticket sales for events and of course gets to take part in the recreational antics of KY's liveliest committee.

3. Kuntis organizing

Traditional Kuntikset (Kuntaillat) are the sole responsibility of the Culture Producer. This includes contacting bars, booking and coordinating performers and generally ensuring the evening runs smoothly.

On top of all these, the Culture Producer gets to do all sorts of fun activities with the KY board member responsible for culture. One of my funnier memories, for example, is organizing a thank-you event for the subcommittees with Dalmatian spots painted on our faces.

You learn a lot about dealing with stressful situations, communicating with stakeholders and managing big projects. You might also benefit from a hint of meticulousness, the ability to plan ahead and not always take yourself too seriously.

The job of Culture Producer may not always be the easiest in the KY office (the Kuntis parties alone stretch the working hours every once in a while outside of normal office hours), but it still remains my first choice. I've gotten to know some amazing people and the past 8 months have definitely been the most fun I’ve ever had.

If you want to know more about working at KY or the responsibilities of the Culture Producer, feel free to contact me!
TG: @jatttta

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