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October 26, 2022



Everything moves faster when you're having fun

I still remember the day I got chosen to the KY board, and it doesn't feel like it's that long ago. Everything moves faster when you're having fun, this is the case with KY Board. I will tell you about my experiences on Board and hopefully help you decide if the KY Board is for you.

But first I’d like to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Miko Mariapori.I am a fourth-year finance major. Before this year, I have been in the cultural subcommittee, Aava´s Festival Committee and a tutor at KY. I'm a member of the KY Board with responsibilities of corporate relations, work and career, alumni and ownership steering.

To begin, it’s important to note that being a member of the KY Board is much more than taking care of the individual responsibilities. Above all, board members are involved in making the big decisions that determine the direction of KY. Having said that, a lot of the time is allocated to board members’ own responsibilities:

Voitti$ – or more formally Corporate relations and Work & Career responsibilities consist of leading and planning the corporate relations activities, meetings and negotiations with companies’ representatives, and fulfilling partners’ wishes. The work is done with the two sales coordinators and the corporate relations committee CORE, with whom we launched an account manager project this year to get the committee members more involved with our partnerships.

Alumni responsibility means being involved in planning and execution of alumni activities to help our alumni to stay as a part of our beloved KY community. I have been a mandate member of the KY alumni, so a big part of my job is to be the messenger between KY Alumni and KY Office.

KY co-owns aTalent recruiting company with Prodeko and Prodeko Alumni (25%, 49%, 26%). As the responsible for ownership steering, my job is to make sure that KY’s perspective is taken into account in the major decisions.

For me, my responsibilities have been pleasant and have taught me many skills that aren’t learned on the school bench – leadership, communication, performing, negotiation, just and so much more!

Great responsibility enables freedom. One of the best things as a member of KY Board is that I get to work when and where I want and put my time to projects that I feel are important for our community. In addition, the resourcefulness of KY gives opportunities to fulfill your wildest ideas.

After years, you will not remember the work you did but the people you did the work with. The biggest thing for me this year has been getting to know the people of KY, and even more importantly acquiring friendships of lifetime – KY Office, CORE, KY Board.

Last fall, I decided to apply to the KY Board for the second time. Things don´t always go as you plan and making the decision to apply for the second time was quite a big one for me. But I am so happy that I did because this year has taught me so much, and I have gotten so many unforgettable memories.

Miko Mariapori
Corporate Relations, Work & Career, Ownership Steering, Alumni

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