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October 25, 2022



A couple of days ago a fellow KY member asked me “What is it that a board member actually does?”. The first thing that came to my mind was obviously the familiar sentence/joke “Why doesn’t the KY board do anything about x y z?”. After deciding that this might not be the best way to motivate potential applicants I ended up answering along these lines:

RE: Board member work

I personally think most of my work falls into one of these four categories and the distribution differs each week.

  1. General board work aka the ideological side.

The central part of general board work are the morning schools, during which all of the discussion and debate regarding KY matters happens. We gather twice a week for two hours and talk about themes a board member (most commonly the chair) has brought up for discussion which we need to make a decision on or give an opinion on. 

Most memorable themes and discussion topics from this year include KY:s monetary support for Ukraine, updating the code of conduct and updating the KY:s bylaws for associations. Lighter topics also include the KY-Sauna, volunteer positions at KY and what the board wanted to do for KY during Ullis. After the discussion we might decide to act on something and then depending on the topic a board member takes responsibility for it. For instance: I brought a proposal regarding the sauna to morning school -> the board approved it -> I prepared a presentation for REPCO -> after approval I ordered the sauna and next week I’ll take delivery of it.

  1. “Sector work”  aka things related to my board responsibilities

This area consists of Working with volunteers and my sector partners Salli the BeWell project coordinator and Timmy the association coordinator. Chairing the sports and wellbeing committee LiHy and vice-chairing BeWell are definitely the most fun parts of my week and ensure that I get to take part in event organizing during the year. Me and Salli focus on mental health and improving  individual wellbeing at KY in collaboration with the school and our BeWell tutors. With Timmy we focus more on LiHy and how we can help associations  and train them in event organizing.

  1. Representing KY  and KYH

This consists of upkeeping  the official and not so official brand and rep of KY outside and inside of Otaniemi. A big part of this is spending time with other Kylteri boards and visiting annual balls. Getting to know other like minded students is one of the best parts of the job! Having a good relationship with the other boards ensures that we are able to work together to ensure that business students are able to get their voice heard in Finland. This year we have also tried to be more visible at KY events and put time into  getting to know the TF and AYY boards.

  1. Working with stakeholders

After great relationships have been created in unofficial situations it is much more fun to conduct official business! This year we have been working with SHS and TuKy regarding the peer support and wellbeing student programs that all of us have. KYH also attends the yearly Nordic Forum where we meet other top nordic school boards and try to learn something from each other.  This year the forum was held in Copenhagen and also acted as a great way to relax after Wappu and the annual ball week! 

Overall KY is the best environment and community  I have had the honor of being a part of.  In my opinion being a part of the board ensures that you get the best possible student life experience at KY and the amazing KY office around you is a big part of it. If you have an improvement idea or an investment idea you always get the resources and support you need. Also you get to experience and see the changes firsthand and in a way benefit from them as a KY member. Joining the board was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Otso Lammi
Sports and Wellbeing, Clubs

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