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December 7, 2022



In 2020, I wrote my first article to Kylteri. I traveled to the Old Market Hall of Helsinki to interview Laura Salonen, owner of a cheese shop. Even though I was a bit nervous, the interview went well. It still makes me smile when I think of photographer Jaakko Kahilaniemi making Salonen juggle with wedges of cheese.

A year after, a new role had started to interest me. I applied to be the next Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. Even though I had volunteered in different student organizations during my studies, the role of the Editor-in-Chief was different from everything I had done before. At the same time it was super exciting but also a bit frightening. Luckily, the year started with a thorough introduction with the previous Editor-in-Chief, Jutta Sibakov. 

However, there is only a certain amount of things you can prepare for – the rest is learned by doing. To me, this year has been a valuable learning journey. I have learned a lot about making a magazine, but also about leadership and handling stressful situations. And on top of that, I have got to know and work with great people.

Essentially, publishing a magazine is project management. You have a team, a goal, and tasks that need to be completed at certain points in time in order to reach that goal. As the Editor-in-Chief, you are in charge of this project. Project management is a sought-after skill in working life, and the position of the Editor-in-Chief is a unique opportunity to develop that asset.

Thus, regardless of what your future plans might be, I warmly encourage you to apply – even if it scares you a little.

Sara Argillander
Editor-In-Chief of Kylteri magazine

Read more about the position and apply here by 9.12.

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