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October 20, 2022



KY office – a unique place to get paid

If you ask anyone who has worked at the KY office "What is a typical day at the KY office like?",  the answer at least nine times out of ten is that there are no two similar days.

The 2022 year as the Chair of KY’s executive board certainly didn’t differ from this. The first morning you have a meeting with the school's management team, the second you are on your way to the other side of Finland for the annual ball of some other school and on the third one you are on your way to Copenhagen to meet other Nordic business schools boards. So there is plenty of variety and excitement in this position. 

Although the tasks of the position vary considerably from day to day, there is of course some repetition of tasks. Meetings with various external stakeholders such as business school, Suomen Ekonomit and other student organizations are commonplace. In addition to these, meetings with internal stakeholders, such as KY's associations and other members of the KY Office, are examples of common tasks of KY's Chair.

The duties of the KY’s Executive Board, especially the Chair, also include representing KY in various situations, such as annual balls and other school events. These events are also absolute gems of the position that offer unique experiences and opportunities to meet new people from all over Finland.

The year 2022 as Chair of KY

The year 2022 began with worrying signs when the omicron variant of the Covid-19 spread like wildfire in Finland. Because of this, at this point too familiar lockdowns and other restrictions were brought back by the government and events and other activities of the beginning of 2022 were cancelled or postponed. Fortunately, the restrictions were discharged by March and KY's activities, which had been on break for a long time, were revived again.

After there were no more restrictions, KY faced a completely new environment – the KY Building, which had been the center of KY's culture for decades, had been sold during the worst times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Traditional event concepts had to be shaped to fit the new environment and we also had to discuss how the activities can be adapted when all of KY’s premises are finally in Otaniemi.

Front of these challenges, we as a board decided not to be afraid of failure, but rather to try new things and modify the old ones. A major part of the activities went as planned or even better than expected. Of course, the journey also included failures, but we took these situations more like lessons of life.

When fall came, the number of students starting in the Aalto Biz had increased significantly from the time before the pandemic which required a lot of updating of the orientation week. The increase in the number of students will also be one of the permanent themes of the KY in the next few years. In addition, adaptation to Otaniemi is only in its early stages and we must focus on it in the future as well.

The application period is open

Even though there have been a lot of challenges and things to update and develop, I wouldn't change a second of my year. As the Chair of KY, I have been able to see unprecedented places, meet incredible people and experience the most memorable events of my life.  

And if this kind of experience engages your attention I can only recommend you to apply. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!
Hopefully we are meeting shortly!

Topias Turppa
Chair of the KY Board
040 756 1806
tg @turppa

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