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Wappu-themed service hours + graduation cap lining change
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February 15, 2024

Change your graduation cap lining to KY colors!


Approximately 75 days UNTIL WAPPU, say whaat ??! 🤯🎈

Can’t wait to celebrate with all the other KY students with your matching graduation caps? Or perhaps you're craving some Wappu treats already?

Just like last year, KY has once again partnered up with Salon Lakkitehdas so that KY members have the opportunity to change their graduation cap lining to KY colors 🤝🧡💚

🎈 The lining change costs 25€ (with a possibility to purchase a 3€ gift box) 🎓 You can pay via MobilePay or card.

🎈 You only need to take your graduation cap with you and drop by Espilä during service hours next week (at week 8)! We will take care of the rest, and your cap will be sent for a lining change.

🎈 There will also be some pre-Wappu treats served as well, so you’re welcome to visit whether or not you wish to change your graduation cap lining! 🤪🥂🍩

WHAT: Wappu-themed service hours with an opportunity to change your graduation cap lining to KY’s colors

WHEN: Tue 20.2. at 15-17 & Thu 22.2. at 12-14

(Note that these two days are your only option to drop your graduation cap for a lining change.)

WHERE: Espilä (Konemiehentie 4)

PRICE: 25€ for the lining change, optional 3€ for additional gift box (+ Wappu treats are free as long as they last! <3)

Note that you could also order a new cap with KY colors for 69€. You also have a chance to modify the size of your own cap during the lining change if you wish so.

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