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October 25, 2022


What do you even do here daily?

Thinking back to the start of my studies here in the School of Business, I never thought I would find myself as a member of the board at KY. Before starting at Aalto, I expected that I would just focus on my studies, graduate on time, and just occasionally go to events. I remember how during the first days of uni the KY Board came to introduce themselves and how I thought “I will never do something like that”. However, my studies did not go how I expected, and I was taken away by the student life here at KY. Now three years later I find myself sitting at the board of KY, trying to summarize what my year has been like.

It is hard to describe what my year has been like. Looking back at the start of the year, I could have not guessed what this year would consist of. One day you are at sillis, while the next day you are in Copenhagen meeting with the boards of other Nordic business schools. Although the year has been hectic with a lot of things happening, I have no regrets in applying to the board. 

The question in the title, asked by our current AD, tells a lot about the fact that most people do not really have an idea on what someone responsible for academic affairs actually does. The common cliché ”every day is different” is true as Board members have a lot of freedom in planning their day-to-day schedule. However one dominating aspect of the work of academic affairs Board members, is meetings. There are many meetings with many different stakeholders, most importantly the School of Business. In addition, compared to Maria, my main colleague this year, I also had more responsibility on the Aalto-level and AYY coordination. Our job consists of preparing ourselves well with the materials as well as the opinions of students, so we can to the best of our capabilities get the students' voices heard in the decision making process of our university. 

On top of this, I have had the great opportunity of leading the Academic affairs committee, KOVA. Working together with the volunteers of KOVA, discussing relevant issues in academic affairs and brainstorming for the study survey have been a great resource this year. Furthermore, all the extra fun we have had not related to academic affairs has given me fun memories and important rest from the everyday hassle of KY office. 

As the year is coming to an end, I have to say that the year on the board of KY has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I have had a lot of fun, but also grown as a person. I have done things I never expected to do and had the opportunity to work with many amazing people. So if you are thinking of applying, I would absolutely recommend it.

Weixin Niemi

Academic Affairs

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