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Welcome new master's students!
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June 4, 2024

Welcome new master's students!


Welcome, new master's students, to KY! You have made one of the top decisions in your academic life by continuing your studies in one of our great master’s programs. We want to welcome you to our great community of over 5000 business students and to Otaniemi, the heart of Finnish student culture.

Here at KY, we have a long history of over 100 years. Since 1911, the business students of HKKK/Aalto have been advocating for students, organizing unique events for everyone, and maintained a vibrant student culture visible for everyone. As a former student union, we have always taken great responsibility for looking out for our own members. Nowadays, we take pride in being visible in the Aalto community and collaborating with other Otaniemi associations, such as other guilds and our great student union, AYY.

We encourage you to jump in with an open mind into the next autumn and see for yourself what all Aalto, AYY, and KY has to offer! Whether you are interested in, for example, corporate events, entrepreneurship, student politics, sports, or any other study- or work-related activities, we probably have it already. And if not, starting your club here is the easiest thing imaginable. All in all, KY is here for you, to support you in your studies, your wellbeing, and to find your place in our great community. Welcome to KY.

We can’t wait to see you during the orientation week!

But for now, warm summer greetings,

KY Board 2024

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