All KY students must follow the following rules when queuing for tickets in physical ticket sales*:

1. The first to arrive to the pre-announced ticket queue starts the queuing list by writing their names on it

2. Each person to arrive afterwards should write their name on the list in order of arrival

3. Each person to arrive has the right to hold a roll call of the people on the list. If someone whose name is on the list is not present, or they do not have a stand-in, the roll-caller may cross this name out and take the person’s spot on the list.

4. A KY representative will arrive at the notified time and sell the tickets according to the list.

5. Each person may buy two tickets.

6. Tickets can only be bought by KY members.

* Please note that ticket sales to events or other occasions can be organised either online or at a physical location.

Each event organiser will decide and inform the way, how the ticket sale to their event is executed in practise. These official queuing rules apply to those cases, where tickets are queued at some physical location.