KY got a new strategy for the term 2022-2025, when the Representative Council approved it at their meeting in March of 2022. But what is the new strategy all about?

As the world is constantly changing, the new strategy reflects KY's willingness to keep up with the change. As a result of this, the goal of the strategy process has been to bring the KY Community even closer to the heart of the new strategy. KY exists only for and because of our members and aims at being the most meaningful community for every Kylteri. While the mission in our strategy explains why KY exists, the vision of KY's strategy shows us direction towards the desired future.

Both the mission and the vision of KY are based on our three values: Community, Open-minded and Member-Driven. Furthermore, as the values should be both valuable and visible in all our actions, three more concrete KY Ways of Working have been created to ensure that this is the case. These three most important ways of working to trickle through the KY community are

1) Sustainable in all forms
2) DEI* shows in our actions
3) There for every kylteri‍

We would like to warmly thank everyone who contributed to the strategy update process!


KY'S STRATEGY 2022-2025