Congratulations, you made it! In front of you are some of the most significant times of your life. You will live through amazing experiences, gain a lot of valuable knowledge and most importantly, tie lifelong friendships. During your study years KY will stay beside you – both in the highs and in the lows.

As a KY member, you will have an access to all opportunities that our KY community has to offer. We are a community for business students, by business students. If you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree at Aalto University School of Business, you are eligible to join us. The membership is free and will continue throughout your business studies at Aalto University.

If you have any questions, the KY office service hours and contact information can be found behind the link below!


Starting your studies

Tutors are here to help and guide you through mursu fall!

To help you make the most of your upcoming Mursu Fall, every mursu belongs to a tutor group led by a tutor. In addition, tutor trios of three tutor groups have been formed to make getting to know other mursus and tutors even easier!

Tutors will contact the mursus in their tutor group before the orientation week, instruct how the orientation week is going to progress and ensure that every mursu has other essential information before the "o-week" starts. The tutors will also guide mursus through the orientation week and the entire mursu fall.

Tutoring for new students is organized by KY's Tutor Committee in cooperation with the Aalto University. The KY's Tutor Committee is led by the Tutor Coordinator Janina Juuvinmaa.

Mursu's Checklist

Remember to register for attendance on time! The annual enrolment for academic year 2022-2023 begins on 2 May 2022 and ends on 2 September 2022. More information of the annual enrolment can be found e.g. on Aalto's Into website.

When registering for the attendance, you need to pay the AYY membership fee. Save your membership fee receipt and keep it on you until you receive your student card. 

Join as KY member! Your tutor will guide you through the joining process during the Orientation Week. The joining will take place on KY’s Website (https://ky.fi/join

Remember to pay the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) fee to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland), if you are a degree student who has registered for attendance (reform from the beginning of 2021). 

If you are entitled to benefits from Kela, you can apply for a study grant and the housing supplement on the Kela website

Order a student card from Frank to get the access to various student benefits, i.e. discounts for various products and services. You can also download a digital student card Frank App or Pivo.

Follow KY's communication channels to stay up to date what is happening in the community. You may find links to each channel below!

Take care of your wellbeing and have fun! Wellbeing and other student life-related contents have been gathered under Studying at Aalto BIZ webpage


Everyday tools

MyCourses is the main online learning environment used in Aalto University. Course workspace can be used to send out announcements, share material, receive student submissions, grade student work and give feedback. Grades can also be published there at the end of a course. Workspaces are created automatically based on Sisu and are open by default.

Sisu is the student information system in use at Aalto. It replaced Aalto University’s previously used Oodi system in 2021. In Sisu, you enroll on courses and make your personal plan of completing your degree.

Aalto Space is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices that helps the user navigate the campus and allows them to book facilities for studying and group work. ‍

Kanttiinit conveniently displays the menus of Otaniemi and Helsinki student canteens.

Aalto University Student Union AYY (ayy.fi)

School of Business (aalto.fi)

Support for studying (Into)‍

Starting point of Wellbeing offers students advice and guidance on services related to wellbeing.‍

IT-services (aalto.fi)

Course Buddies get your voice heard!

‍Course Buddies are first-year students who collect course feedback from other mursus and discuss the feedback with professors. During a course, the Course Buddy gets an amazing opportunity to get to know the professor in charge personally, and in return the professor gets valuable insights that improves the course as is progresses

“For me, this was an extraordinary experience. Especially as I was interested in the topics of the course, it was fun to be in the box seat.”
- A Course Buddy

The Course Buddies for periods I and II are selected in September, and for periods III-V in December. The application form will be posted to Mursut 2022 -Facebook group.

Apply to be a Course Buddy!



Learning Center Resource Guides provides links regarding resource guides, support for studies and research, information resource guides and services.

Into Writing Clinic provides help for academic writing for most Aalto University degree students. Information on how to get individual writing tutoring and consultation.

Aalto Sana: Academic Writing in English provides help with academic writing in English. Covers topics such as cohesion, grammar, punctuation and style.

Data and research

Learning Center eData provides links for a large number of database resources for Aalto students. Economic Sciences -resources include multiple sources for business news, company and market information, among others.

Learning Center eData: Business News provides access to multiple news sources, including Helsingin Sanomat, Financial Times and Kauppalehti.

Databases at Aalto Department of Finance provides information on available databases and useful tips and guides on how to use them.

Learning Center Business Guide provides resources, tips and useful links for economics and business. Contains guides and links on searching journal articles, business news resources, research methods and much more.

Aalto-Primo is an online tool for searching Learning Center’s full collections (both print and electronic), including books, articles, journals, images , manuscripts, dvd and more.

Learning Center eData: Business Dictionaries (in Finnish) provides links for general dictionaries as well as discipline-specific technical dictionaries.

Learning Center Aaltodoc is a place where you can search and find all text materials produced in Aalto University, including theses, journal articles, doctoral dissertations, study materials and more.

Scopus is a third-party database for journal articles.

Software and hardware

Aalto Free Software for Home Computers provides links and guides to downloading a large number of software provided to students for free, ranging from text editors and antivirus software to statistics tools and Powerpoint Add-ons (Check out all three links!)

Aalto Takeout is where members of Aalto University have free access to a wide variety of equipment from audiovisual production gear to scientific measuring devices. Get your hands to anything from VR glasses and high-end cameras to smoke machines and particle velocity meters for your school project.