Under this section, you’ll find the essential instructions for organising an event at KY. If you have any questions, feedback or open comments, don’t hesitate to contact KY's Executive Director Heidi Riihimäki.


Before the event

Resource calendar

- Volunteers can access the new resource calendar through https://rk.ky.fi/
- Check the premises available and make the reservation well in advance
- No “just in case” reservations, start your reservations when you actually plan to do something and not 6 hours before
‍- Reservations for multiple days are not allowed (meaning that you can not reserve the event space the day before or after your event = all preparations and clean up have to be done within the event date)
- By reserving the premises I commit to obey the rules and regulations of the premises
- Apply for the extended reservation
- KY van → make sure you have filled the van driving permit

KY Office

- Pick up necessary keys and the extended reservation permit during service hours
- Ask for door programming if needed
- Remember bouncers for bigger events

During the event


- Fill in the checklists for Saha or Metallimiehenkuja before the event starts
- NEVER block the doors with a chair etc. If you need to have the doors open when guests arrive, please contact service advisors before your event
- Leave the premises as they were when you arrived (collect the tables & chairs, clean up the biggest messes and pieces of trash)
- No need to scrub the floors, unless someone throws up (in this case report to KY’s service advisors via service@ky.fi in order to get special cleaning)
- Read all the instructions for the premises you use at the premises section
- Alcohol sales is strictly prohibited
- Facilitating drug use is strictly prohibited

Property maintenance:

L&T, 010 636 7000

Metallimiehenkuja 6:
ISS, 0200 155 00

Contact the property maintenance in EMERGENCIES ONLY. Inform the KY office if you make the decision to call them.

After the event


- Take everything you brought with you (including the leftover food)
- At Saha take the trash to the trash hut behind the south end of Espilä
- At Metallimiehenkuja take the trash to the trash containers in front of Trap Factory (the key can be borrowed from Espilä)
- Return the keys to the return box in Espilä’s front door or to one of the service advisors right after the event
- Turn off the lights & make sure all the doors are locked