Under this section, you’ll find the basics of all communications channels used at KY. If you have any questions, feedback or open comments, don’t hesitate to contact KY's Communications Coordinator Saara Savolainen.



Remember to let everyone know what you’re planning around KY: Create an event on Facebook and share it on KY Events or KY Career, and join the discussion on KY Today! Please note that posts in KY’s Facebook groups should only be in English even if the target group is Finnish speaking. We want to make sure everyone is able to understand and join discussion if they wish to do so.

What belongs here?

- Discussing matters related to KY - no event marketing on this channel, please!

- Discussing matters related to studying such as premises, teaching arrangements or interdisciplinary / special courses and informing about them.

- Enquiries and polls related to studies or by KY associations.

- General news and announcements from the KY office, such as recruiting to KY teams or committees, opening hours of the office, etc.

What belongs here?

- Events by KY’s associations, teams and committees, apart from career events and excursions.

- Discussing culture and sports related matters as well as recreational matters and informing about these.

What belongs here?

- Discussing work and career-related matters and informing about them.

- Career events and excursions by KY’s associations.

- Announcements by KY’s partners (only posted by KY staff and subject clubs).

- Entrepreneurship of KY’s members.

Monday Mail

Events published in KY Events groups will automatically be added to the Upcoming Events section in Monday Mail. If for some reason you haven’t shared it on KY Events, send it to @kycomms on Telegram. If you wish to have broader info on the letter (max. 500 characters), you can submit it through this form (same deadline). Deadline for all the Monday Mail materials is on Friday at 12.

Monday Story


Events published in KY Events groups will automatically be added to the Events of the week section in the Monday Story in KY's Instagram. If you wish to have a separate Instagram story included in the Monday Story, please submit all the content through this form latest on the previous Friday at 12.



All KY associations can post on KY's TikTok via request. This is a great opportunity to promote your event and association! Contact the KY Board member responsible for communications if you wish to post on KY's TikTok for further instructions (TG: @walshemma).


Event photography

Pictures from KY's events can be found at KY’s associations have the possibility to have their event photos published on this page. Contact KY’s Communications Coordinator if you wish to do so and do not already have login details for doing this. A camera for taking event photos can be reserved from the resource calendar and can be picked up from the KY office during service hours.

Brand and visual materials

KY's logos and renewed Brand Book can be found in this Google Drive folder. It comes in two colours: dark green (used on top of a light background) and light orange (used on top of a dark background). KY’s committees should use one of KY’s logos in all visual materials. Sub-committees may use it if they wish and KY Clubs can use the KY logo with a permission from the Communications sector. It includes instructions for using KY’s logos, official colors, graphic elements and typography.