Under this section, you’ll find detailed listings of services available for volunteers provided by KY! If you have any questions, feedback or open comments, don’t hesitate to contact KY's Executive Director Heidi Riihimäki


KY Van

KY’s associations can book the KY van on the electronic resource calendar for a kilometer allowance (0,53 eur / km in 2023). The van is electric and can be driven with a normal B driver’s license, but remember that each driver must fill in the van permit before sitting behind the wheel! The van must be picked up from and returned to Espilä (unless otherwise agreed with the member services employees).

KY Van’s parking place is next to the disabled parking space right in front of the Espilä building. Remember to also check the condition of the van before and fill in the drive log after using the van. When returning the van please make sure to correctly connect and activate the charger. Deductible (own risk) is 500€, which means that if you crash it, you pay 500€. The Van can only be rented for KY activities, not for personal use!

Mailboxes and packages

Each club can choose to have their mail delivered to Espilä or whichever address they wish to use. To secure that your mail is delivered to the address you want you should fill this form for Posti (mark the option G “Uusi yritys” in the second page). After filling the form you should take it to a post office. Posti does not always deliver mail to the address on the letter but to the address in Posti system.

The mailboxes in Espilä are in the corridor outside Avokonttori. Remember to empty out these mailboxes consistently! Remember to read your email and club's email also regularly! If your association is expecting bigger packages or deliveries, it’s your responsibility to inform the deliverer that the package must arrive during service hours (unless you’re personally there to pick it up).

If you decide to have your mail delivered to Espilä, we recommend that you use the format, below:

Association’s name and name of recipient

C/O KY ry
Konemiehentie 4
02150 ESPOO

Electronic key cards

Clubs that regularly hold meetings and events in KY premises can have an electronic key card. Clubs will be fined a fee of 20 euros per lost electronic key card. In Otaniemi, key cards work in Saha, Metallimiehenkuja and Espilä 24/7.

In Otaniemi premises you need a code to enter after 5pm and during the weekends. If you don't know your association's code, please contact one of our service advisors. Electronic key cards have to be renewed annually (or when board members change).

IT services

Each association can use KY’s printer in Espilä. You can print from the computer located in Espilä’s volunteer’s room. KY:s rentable IT-resources can mainly be found from Saha (backstage, small room by the stage), except for camera, GoPro & Bluetooth speaker (at the open office in Espilä) and portable generator (in the shed next to Saha)

If your association doesn’t have an “”-email address but would like one, you can also contact the IT Coordinator for one (using the address also gives you license to use Google Apps services, G Suite for free).