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Rules and instructions for

ky's sauna

Konemiehentie 4, 02150 Espoo

Notice of liability

By using KY's premises, the user responsible for the reservation agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and guidelines described on this page.

Operating against or failing to comply with these rules, regulations and guidelines will result in sanctions at the discretion of the KY Executive Director, ranging from monetary penalties (50–300€, excl. potential damages) to the ban from using KY's premises.

Failure to read through the rules, regulations and guidelines does not exempt the user of possible sanctions.

Sauna's specifications

  • The total capacity of the sauna is 10 people at a time

  • The sauna is not accessible for wheelchairs

  • Equipment:

    • A metal löyly water bucket and a löyly water throwing device (nappu, kauha tms.)

    • A metal bucket for ashes

    • Two 10-liter plastic tubs

    • A step and a plastic rug for the outside area in front of the door

    • A floor brush with dirt collector

    • A power connector for electronic lights next to the door on the right

Rules & regulations

The leasee is responsible for...

  • ...carefully checking the sauna upon arrival

  • ...filling and submitting the checklist accordingly

  • ...reporting deficiencies and damages by email to service@ky.fi

  • ...operating lawfully and according to KY's Code of Conduct as well as good manners

  • ...using the equipment, fittings, fixed structures and furniture carefully, ensuring their good condition at the end of their reservation

It is forbidden to...

  • ...smoke in the sauna

  • ...jam the door open with e.g. a chair, a brick or a piece of wood

  • ...use silk paper, duct tape, packing tape, zipties or confetti in decorations

  • ...sell alcoholic beverages

If used next to other KY premises:

  • Observe the operating time (premises empty and cleaned up by 01:00)

  • Fill out the extended time form if you wish to extend your reservation to end later than 01:00

  • Keep the noise level reasonable throughout the reservation


  • In case someone throws up at the sauna, clean it up yourselves with sprayable cleaner, towels and deodorizer from the cleaning cupboard at the Saha backstage area. Additionally, notify the KY Office at service@ky.fi for disinfection.

  • If something is damaged during your reservation, notify the KY Office without unreasonable delay at service@ky.fi.

  • In case of a risk of injury to people or more serious emergencies, such as fires, call 112.

After using the sauna

  • Clean up trash and tidy up the sauna

  • Dispose of trash, cans and bottles appropriately, recycling everything possible according to the instructions below

  • Empty the löyly water bucket

  • Empty the ash compartment of the stove into the metal bucket (separate bucket for ashes, do not put the ashes into the löyly water bucket)

  • Turn off the lights and disconnect the power plug

  • Move the separate equipment (excluding the step) into the storage space at the front end of the trailer

  • Move the step inside the sauna

  • Take all your own stuff with you, including all lost-and-founds that belong at Espilä in the lobby behind TuoMela

  • Ensure that the door is locked when you leave

  • Return keys to the return box at the front door of Espilä


Equipment storage

  • The sauna equipment storage is located under the lid at the front end of the trailer

  • All of the separate equipment (excluding the step) belongs here

    Firewood storage

    • The firewood for the sauna stove is stored in the shed next to Saha

    • Take firewood from there before your reservation and return excess after use

    Waste disposal

    • The user is responsible for disposing of the produced waste and recyclable material themselves to the appointed recycling facility

    • The waste disposal and recycling bins for the Sauna are located approximately 100 meters from Saha's back door, see photo below

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